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Gated community homes in Costa Rica

Embrace the Feeling of Companionship and Camaraderie with Gated Community Homes in Costa Rica

Home is where your heart is. And residing in a community allows you to live longer and happier. After all, a community is where you get other people’s company.

Congregating and residing in a close-knit community fosters a spirit of unity, cooperation, and kinship. That’s where gated communities come into being. If you’re searching for a gated community home in Costa Rica, we at Casa Tranquila Exclusive have what you're looking for.

Many of our neighbors are American, Canadian, and European. 


Amenities You Get with Our Gated Community Properties

Not everyone is lucky to have a residential setup with fixed entry and exit points. But if you are, grab this incredible opportunity to select a gated community. In this type of community, a cluster of homes stays guarded by a single boundary wall plus guarded security. We have designed a beautiful ambiance for perfectionist house owners. In it, we have included:

  • A Jacuzzi and infinity pool

  • A roof deck

  • A captivating sunset ocean views that include the stunning sights of Guiones from atop

  • A master shower 

  • Fabulous ocean views

  • An outdoor kitchen

  • Solar battery system

  • A smart home lighting system


So, besides enjoying your home’s privacy, you can also access these facilities hassle-free. We have designed these homes keeping in mind an eco-friendly and sustainable way of living. That’s how we intend to make it a haven for both adults and children.


Leverage the Power of Integrated Living

Casa Tranquila Exclusive gated community homes are a beautiful example of integrated living. By embracing the power of integrated living, we bring people closer. We offer them a scope to gather and socialize with one another in the open outdoors. With an integrated lifestyle, we try to provide:

  • A positive ambiance

  • An innate sense of congeniality


This home allows millennials to bond & interact with one another. Even seniors or empty nesters get a chance to foster friendship, thereby building a culture of trust and familiarity. Our homes are open to young couples, children, and parents.


If you want to enjoy a sense of companionship and camaraderie, consult our professionals today. Our gated community homes in Costa Rica elevate the quality of life.

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