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Amazing Hikes In The Nosara Area!

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

The Nosara area has many waterfalls in the area. One of the most favorite hikes in the area is to Malanoche Waterfall. This hike begins on the fiesta/fairgrounds road which is the only road on the North West part of Nosara heading out of the rustic town. You can find it on Google Maps or Waze. The road is well traveled and last time we visited there was a small sign indicating the falls were near.

This hike is more of a walk than a hike. Not a long or difficult hike but we strongly suggest sneakers and or watershoes as opposed to flip flops or barefeet. Bring a backpack with water and snacks, swimsuite for sure and towels. Make sure to pack out all trasho.

The falls are amazing during rainy season--so much water! During dry season the falls run most of the time. The hike/walk goes through the river and follows the river. You will have to step over fallen trees and big rocks but this is an easy hike for anyone including kids.

This waterfall adventure is not to be missed. I love bringing visitors to this special slice of paradise. Great for swimming, picnic but note: it does get a bit crowded on weekends and holiday times. It is definately worth the time and the water is sometimes raging. Rainy season is delightful but the falls can be dangerous if raging so be careful especially with small children,

Watershoes are good while swimming in the swimming area. People love to cliff dive and there are several falls. If you continue to hike above the first fall it gets steep but there are more falls.

Always lock your car in Costa Rica. Never leave valuables, drones, wallets, camera's and laptops etc in your vehicle ever any place. Leave these items at home and carry what you must in your backpack. Wear approprieate shoes. Set yourself up to have a wonderful tiem and you will love this experience.

So close to Super Nosara annd town but it feels so far away from the world. The best hike in the area. We will continue to post more hikes on this blog.

Enjoy this little video on the falls:

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