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Epic Surf Destination!

Nosara, Ostional & Marbella Are Stoked!

No doubt about it........Surf championships take place in Marbella on a regular basis. This is a perplexing because not many surfer's turn out in Marbella on a daily basis--same thing in Ostional. Surfer's that come from California where "the waves of the world" tell you to cut off any person in front of you and get stoked. In Marbella and Ostional there is amazing surf and many sets where you will not see a soul; Rather you will see inside your sould when you paddle out--look that amazing ocean in the face and then get up to ride a wave. Heaven!

There are so many epic surf spots 30 minutes from the door of the villa. This blog is committed to updating the locations and details on an ongoing basis. This villa offers any family or surf retreat an amazing opportunity on a daily basis to ride that wave! Morning is of course the best for all beaches. Note: No wet suit required ever!

Guiones is a perfect place to learn the religion of surfing. Guiones has multiple, multiple surf schools, instructors, clubs and private teacher's for surf lessons. We will put together a comprehensive list but you can ask any conceirge's or walk down the street where you can find board rentals and lessons easily.

Guionness which is part of the "greater Nosara area" is the best place for anyone to learn the art of surfing because the break is not to overwhelming--the waves are not too big. The beach is long and not hard to get out to small waves and learn how to master the fun. There are many locations. Beginner and advanced. Again the time to get out and learn is in the morning.

We will also blog about stand up paddle board surfing in future blogs.

Ostional is an epic beach for advanced surfer's. The waves are thrashing--Amazing. Super strong and requires advanced surfing, swimming and ocean skills. If you are an experienced surfer--this is one of the best surf spots in Central America! Not many people out in the water. Super good sets and plenty of fun! Right off the highway and easy to access.

The surfing in this area beats most every area, (especially Santa Teresa and Tamarindo). Righteous Surfing!!!

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