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Gourmet Ghetto!

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

There are so many places to eat, drink and celebrate life in the San Juanillo, Marbella and the Nosara area. You will discover your favorites but there are so many to choose-- it is hard to decide. For foodies there are many upscale places that offer international fusion flair.

Places on the beach with beautiful views, places in town with an authentic touch of Costa Rica or places on the mountain with amazing views. Italian, Meditreanean, Vegan and the choices go on endlessly,

So Let's start with a list which will be ongoing; and please note that many of these businesses do not have an actual website but almost every place will have a Facebook page or Instagram. If you need reservations it will be noted and important.

Hotel Luna Azule is minutes from the door of Casa Tranquilla. (Reservations Required on Facebook Messenger). They have take out as well. Upscale chic outdoor/indoor seating with excellent steaks, pasta, fish and creme brulee that is amazing. Great cocktails and atmosphere. Casual, sporty but not beach wear. Dinner only. Wifi.

La Luna in La Pelada about 20 minutes to this chic and happening beach must dine place. On the beach. Great atmosphere. Great food and drinks along with coffee and juices. Pizza, home made breads, medetrainean delights, steaks, fish, kabobs, salads, quinoa and beer tasting selections! So many choices for vegans, large groups and a very enjoyable experience. Reservations Are Suggested for sure. Do not be in a rush. This is a experience. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also have take out. Wifi.

Coyol which is located on a mountain above Nosara about 25 minutes from the villa. (Reservations a Must, see Facebook). Use Waze. This is a fire grilling experience. Amazing steaks and fish. Awesome salads and medetrainean plates. Home made breads made fresh and great wines and cocktails. Same owner as La Luna. Hip and chic. Upscale. Do not wear beach clothing. Amazing brunch and dinner. Sunset and a beautiful swing over the jungle for fun and beauty. Do Not be in a rush. Experience. They also offer take out. Wifi.

Dolce Vita is about 35 minutes just past Guioness. The best Italian and cocktails. Amazing home made pasta, breads and a great cheese platter. The ambiance is very rustic and romantic. Great service and a special place to visit. (Reservations a must). Upscale. No beach wear. Onee of those "special occasion" places. Dinner only.

Cafe Du Paris is a great place for coffee, lunch, croissants, etc. Great atmosphere. Drop in and pretty fast. "To go" store with wonderful pasteries and coffee. Minature golf and a small pool so parents can relax and kids can enjoy the cafe too. No reservations. On the corner in Guioness about 30 minutes from the door to enjoy. Use Waze. Also offer take out. Wifi.

Coco Bolo beach bar and cafe is about 15 minutes from the villa. Right on the beach with an epic bar and atmosphere. This is the San Juanillo fishing/main beach. This place is just like the television show "Cheers". Everyone is friendly. You feel like family. Great water hole and they have amazing food. Food service is good and you have a little hut in a tree over the beach. Awesome in every way. Great cocktails and menu. Awesome civech and pizza. Fun place for lunch or dinner. Beach attire and casual. Vegetarian available for sure. Wifi.

Ancient People is located on the main road in San Juanillo. Use Waze. 15 minutes from the villa. They do offer take away food but you must bring your own container. No reservations. Breakfast and lunch. Open every day. Amazing banana pancakes, fallafel, fish casado and more. They even have a hip boutique for cool clothing. Smoothies and vegan food. All organic and a super wonderful vibe under a mango tree. Ekant and Mahi own the cafe and they are so welcoming and wonderful. Wifi.

Tiki Hut is located 30 minutes from the villa on the Marbella beach. Use Waze. No reservations. Beach clothing. Super fun, hip and great food and drinks. Micro brews, coctails. Amazing eggs benedict, fish tacos, kabobs and huge salads. Smoothies. Everything you need for fun. Super good prices and wonderful atmosphere. Wifi.

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