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San Juanillo Is Amazing For Fishing!

San Juanillo is off the hook for fishing! Things could not be better in terms of conditions for fishing and location. The village of San Juanillo is a fishing community. For decades the community has been supported by fishing. The locals get out early in the morning before dawn or go out late at night and stay out all nigfh. Sometimes there is "long lineing" which is a long line with many hooks placed within buoys. Morning comes and they can have as much as 40 red snapper caught.

The fisherman also go out during the day and their is a small market that fisherman supply daily with the most amazing fresh fish. This market is locate on the way to the fisherman's beach or the main beach in San Juanillo. It is next to the police station and open regular hours daily except on Sunday and closed from 12-1 for lunch. Henry owns the fish market and the fish is fresh or frozen; Daily specials, Fraction of the US prices. Amazing for bbq or sushi. The best part of San Juanillo. This is all 15 minutes from the door of the villa.

We will post private and party boat fishing information in future blogs.

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