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Nosara has amazing shopping. Everything you might want from Gourmet food at Super Nosara & The Nosara Discount Italian Store which are the best gringo stores in Costa Rica to custom made bathing suits. So let's do an overall view and then step into it more with future blogs.......

The Nosara area has just as many expats these days as Costa Rican's also known as "Gringo's" and "Tico's". So naturally food is a big thing. Local market's have the rice, beans and average food Tico's rely upon. Super Nosara is located right in the heart of Nosara and this store has arts, crafts, hardware items, toys and kitchen items upstairs. Great birthday gift kind of items. Downstairs there is an amazing butcher shop with meats, poultry, etc. Bagels, all kinds of yogurts, custom humus, gluten free and even asian gourmet foods. All kinds of wines and liquors, even sake and gourmet imported beer. They also offer deliery for like $10.

The owner Roosevelt is mostly in the store and will kindly take all the time in the world to help you. If he does not have an item, he will special order it and call you when it comes in. They have holiday turkey orders and prime rib. Things for pumpkin pies and everything a gringo in paradise could need.

This is gringo heaven and Super Nosara says: "We have everything". Pretty much they do have it all.

Down the road is the: Nosara Discount Italian Store. This specialty shop is owned by Nuria and Kevin Pippin. The only place to go for cheeses, wines, beer, pasta, frozen pizza and lasagna's, gelato and even cleaning items. They are the nicest local family and the store is amazing. They even offer free delivery for orders.

Nosara Discount Italian Store has picnic items and specialty items you will not find anywhere else and they even have knives and pans, This store really makes Nosara special.

If you like gourmet food and wine, you will love Nosara shopping. Stay tuned for more shopping tips........

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