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So Much To See & Do In The Nosara Area

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

There is so much to experienc from Marbella, San Juanillo, Ostional, Nosara to Samara! So many choices in the day from boat rides to "The Secret Spot" where you can swim with literally hundreds of dolphins or go surfing, hiking, hitting the beach or shopping.

The villa sits on top of a mountain 15 minutes to some of the best beaches in the world, seriously. The nature and wild life are amazing as 5% of the world's eco system is in Costa Rica.

People, families and groups can never get tired with all of the activities in the area.

The choices are immense--yet the area feels sleepy but chic with micro breweries and dress shops scattered about with surf shops. Ruby Sky is an amazing local zip line above the jungle canopy.

No big paved roads and sidewalks. Dirt roads and it feels like "the real Costa Rica". The Nosara area feels like the jungle with a big bit of "hip" scattered in.

Meeting locals in this international melting pot is never ever boring--Costa Rica meeting hip international expats to trendy nomads, surfers and yogi's.

So many choices......

In one day you can go to a cacao ceremony and a sound bath then go to a cafe and have a perfect latte and a massage or go surfing.

The perfect mixture of everything......That is Nosara in a nutshell.

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