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Yoga Mecca!

The Nosara area is the yoga mecca of Central America and maybe even the world. Seriously, there are more yoga studios in 30 minutes from the villa doorstep than in California areas. The yoga retreats are competitive in offerings and quality. Some of the Most Beautiful yoga retreats in the world are in the Nosara area.

The purpose in life is to do more yoga! Actually the definition of yoga:

At the deepest spiritual level, yoga allows us to reveal the True Essence of our Being. Learn about Yoga, a tool to reveal the Self. It indicates “union” or “oneness.” Also, oneness with Beautiful surroundings.

Costa Rica became the "retreat" epicenter for the Spaniards when they came to Central America to conquer for riches. When the Conquestador's came to conquer Central America, they did not find gold, silver or resources. The Conquestador's found beautiful people that were hospitable and loving. They settled-in with families and many people in Costa Rica look very much like the Spanish from Spain. The Costa Rican jungles, mountains, valcanoes and beaches were inspiring and beautiful. The conquistador's would go out and conquer Nicaragua, Guatamala, Mexico etc and then return to rejuvinate in Costa Rica. Hence, the meaning, in Spanish Costa Rica means--the rich coast. Costa Rica became "the retreat center" for the world. That retreat culture is a core value in Costa Rica.

Yoga retreats embrace that sense of "oneness" with nature and beauty in Nosara, San Juanillo and Marbella. This blog and author are committed to continuing the search for the amazing yoga classes, retrreats and experiencse so we will continue updatiing this site in a dynamic way. (I am an ashtanga yoga instructor). Here is a list to get started on the yoga journey.........

Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort has to be one of the best world class retreat centers in any format, yoga or all other retreats. This is the link to paradise:

From the moment you walk up the stairs and enter this magical retreat resort, you quickly feel as if you are entering into a magical kingdom. The stairs, Hindu sculptures, waterfalls, water lillies, crystal blue infinity pool and gardens all becon you into the resort looking for more magic. The shala's (studios) all integrate nature, ocean views and secret garden settings. You feel as if you are in the most magical and special place!

The offerings are amazing. They now have classes for everyone on every level with so many different formats of exercise and life expansion. Some of the offerings are: Breathwork that is amazing. Power Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Spinning Classes, Sound Baths, Pilates, Weight Room, Lap Pool, Meditation. The offerings are always different and include special retreats that are all inclusive journey's.

People come from all over the wold to teach, give workshops, retreats and yogi's flock to this sparkling place over and over. Disneyland is not the most magical place. Think again. Think Bodhi Tree.

Bodhi Tree also has a world class spa. "World Class" is a term I really dislike and rarely use. (I have stayed at most of The Leading Hotels Of The World in Europe). Few places truly define world class, however, Bodhi Tree gets the trophy. The resort even offers a spa with many forms of massage, botox, aqua facials and more out of the box treatrments-- Amzing treatments that work.

Blue Spirit has to be on the very top of The Yoga Meca List. Blue Spirit is an amazing place for any level of the yoga journey. Here is the website:

The offering's are endless at this special place in paradise. They have big names in the world of meditation and music; Such as Shiva Rea, even Krishna Das had an offering at Blue Spirit. Holistic and Nutritional experts give workshops. Blue Spirite offers spa treatmeants and top level yoga classes from restorative to inner work yoga. You can find so much at Blue Spirit and you will have an amazing "Costa Rica Experience". They offer excursions and most retreat centers offer transfer servie to the aiport and outside into Costa Rican adventures.

The food is super healthy and nutritious. The resort is situated on top of a mountain to the South of Nosara. It is way out of the way and offers the most amazing views in the area! Bliss and Peace are synonymous when you think of this retreat center. Exhale beauty and relaxation. Blue Spirit-- must experice, experience.

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